Lead Testing in School Water Supplies

Among other long standing requirements in the Water Supply System section of the school rule, language was added which requires schools to   test all human consumption fixtures for lead.   Initial samples must be taken by December 31, 2021.

Schools must sample all water fountains and sinks used for food preparation.All other potential human consumption fixtures (HCF) must be sampled, unless the school or school district submits a testing plan to the DEQ to test a representative sample of potential HCFs in the school. Proposed testing plans will be reviewed and approved by the DEQ. All samples must be analyzed by a Montana certified lab using EPA-approved standard drinking water methods for the detection and quantification of lead.

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Lead Testing in Schools Information Session

The Department of Environmental Quality is partnering with the DPHHS to provide technical assistance and guidance around lead testing in schools. Please visit DEQ's  Lead Testing in Schools Drinking Water Program website for all you need to know about lead testing.

Lead Testing in Schools: Drinking Water Program

DEQ website

Program Contact Information

Greg Montgomery
Lead in School Drinking Water Rule Manager
Fax 406-444-1374

*For submittal of plans and documents please use:  DEQLEADINSCHOOLS@MT.GOV