Case Registry/Support Order Registry

The CSSD serves as the Case Registry/Support Order Registry for the State of Montana. All Montana support orders are known to the registry, this includes administrative support orders issued by the CSSD and support orders issued by the District Court. 

For support orders issued by the District Court, the Montana Case Registry and Vital Statistics Form must be completed and filed with the clerk of court before a divorce decree or support order can be docketed.   MCA §40-5-908(1) . The form contains the information necessary to comply with MCA §§ 40-5-907  and   50-15-302 . This form is transmitted to the CSSD for entry of the support order details into the Case Registry/Support Order Registry 

The form is available online for:

This form may be copied but must not be altered.

If you have questions about completing the form, please contact CSSD.