Montana Child Support Guidelines Information

The CSSD is required to develop, publish and circulate uniform child support guidelines for use by courts, attorneys, parents and others to determine child support obligations. The Montana guidelines are based on a formula in which the income of both parents are considered. The guidelines also take into consideration information other than income such as the amount of time the child or children spend with each parent, child care expenses, health insurance expenses, and other children the parents are supporting. The guidelines must consider certain factors as set out in Montana law, MCA 40-4-204(2) and 40-6-116(5).

Guidelines Forms and Instructions

Guidelines Review and History

The CSSD is required to review the uniform guidelines once every four years to determine that appropriate child support amounts are being calculated and that the needs of Montana's children and their parents are being met, MCA 40-5-209

The document titled “Guidelines History” represents the guidelines history in Montana and explains how Montana determined the model it would follow for calculating child support obligations. 

Guidelines Review Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes


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