Community Water Fluoridation Update

U.S. Public Health Service Recommendation for Fluoride Concentration in Drinking Water for the Prevention of Dental Caries

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

The Montana DEQ reports fluoride levels of all waters that have been tested.  Results are posted on the DEQ website. Here is an Excel file of public water system fluoride data.

To have water from a private well tested for fluoride content, a water sample can be sent to the Montana Environmental Lab.  Collection bottles and instructions are available by contacting the  Environmental Lab.

Physician Applied Fluoride Varnish

Physicians, physician assistants and advance practice nurses can bill for fluoride varnish applications as a preventive strategy for dental decay. Use code D1206 on CMS‐1500 claim form. If a child is determined to be at high risk based on a Caries-Risk Assessment up to six fluoride varnish applications per year are allowed. Medicaid Provider Relations can answer claim questions at (800)624-3958 or in Helena (406)442-1837.

Each provider type has different methodology rules, dependent on where the dental services are rendered.  Please refer to the appropriate provider type to verify allowable services at  https://medicaidprovider.mt.gov/ .

ADA.org: Caries-Risk Assessment
On-line Oral Health Training

American Dental Association

The ADA offers   fluoride resources  on public water systems to promote the benefits of fluoridation.   If  a child does not reside in a community with fluoridated water, the ADA also offers a Fluoride Chairside Assessment Tool to guide providers.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The   CDC Community Water Fluoridation  website offers resources on the benefits of community water fluoridation.

Children’s Dental Health Project

Content includes resources related to evidence-based strategies to prevent tooth decay.    Fluoride Legislative User Information Database (FLUID)  offers a comprehensive database of tools and research related to community water fluoridation.