Dental Services in Montana Communities

Medicaid and HELP Plan

Montana Medicaid offers dental coverage to eligible Montana children and adults.
Montana Healthcare Program Dental webpage

Eligible pregnant women also have dental coverage. Depending on eligibility, dental coverage may lapse at the end of the month following a 60 day postpartum period.

Access to Baby and Child Dentistry

Montana Medicaid recognizes the importance of early preventive dental care.  The Access to Baby and Child Dentistry program offers training to dentists in providing care to infants and toddlers.  The goal of the program is to begin dental care prior to age one to prevent dental problems.

Travel Assistance

Benefits are available to Medicaid enrollees to and from dental care appointments.  The Transportation Center must approve all travel prior to date of travel.   Contact the Transportation Center at (800)292-7114 or (406)443-6100.  Additional information can be found on the Travel Services website.

To apply for Health Montana Kids Plus (Medicaid) or Montana Health Kids go to

For additional Medicaid information contact:

Jan Paulsen
Dental and Transportation Program Officer

Healthy Montana Kids

Healthy Montana Kids, formerly Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), offers free or low-cost dental health coverage for eligible children and teenagers until the age of 19.  HMK dental benefits have a yearly benefit limit.  For current program benefit limits and eligibility requirements visit the HMK website or call the HMK Dental Program at (877)543-7669.

To apply for Healthy Montana Kids Plus (Medicaid) or Healthy Montana Kids go to

Have you had trouble finding a dentist for your child?  Use this Dentist Locator to find a dentist in your community who sees children and accepts Medicaid and CHIP:


Montana Community Health Centers (CHC) offer Montanans a broad range of health care services. Dental services at CHC Dental Clinics offer care on a sliding fee scale based on household income for uninsured and low-income populations.  CHC locations can be found on the Montana Primary Care Association website.

Bullhook Dental Clinic

Flathead Community Health Center

Butte Community Health Center

Glacier Community Health Center
Cut Bank

Cascade County Health Department
Great Falls

Marias Healthcare Services

Community Health Partners

Northwest Community Health Center

Community Health Partners

Partnership Health Center

Cooperative Health Center

Riverstone Health Clinic


The school-based sealant program is directed by Dr. Jane Gillette of Sprout Oral Health.  The program provides preventive sealants to children in schools that qualify for the program based on Free and Reduced Lunch participation.

For additional information contact:

Program Coordinator
 (406) 548-5020

Montana Migrant and Seasonal Farm workers Council Mobile Dental Clinic program offers 9 clinics located where farm worker presence is active in Northeast, South Central, and Western Montana.  Eligibility is based on having a primarily agricultural work.

For additional information contact:

Carol Townsend
(406) 248-3149

Montana Indian Health Services site information can be found at the Billings Area Indian Health Service website

North American Indian Alliance, Butte
(406) 782-0461

Missoula Indian Center
(406) 829-9515

The MDA is a professional membership organization representing dentists offering oral health resources and information to Montana residents.

Give Kids a Smile

National Children’s Dental Access Day is offered each February.

The program aims to provide oral health care to underserved children.  Since its inception in 2003 the program has provided education, early diagnosis, and preventive care for free to children in communities.  Participation in the program varies in each Montana community.  Please contact the Montana Dental Association office or a local dentist to identify events in your area.

Montana Donated Dental Services (DDS) Program

Dental Lifeline Network - Montana  Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped and is co-sponsored by the Montana Dental Association co-sponsor the DDS Program, which provides free comprehensive dental care to people who are permanently disabled, medically compromised, or elderly and who are unable to afford dental care.
Phone: (888)-449-9670 or (406)-449-9670 or Montana Donated Dental Services (DDS) Program.

The MDHA is a professional membership organization for dental hygienists in Montana which offers oral health resources and information to Montana residents.  Contact the MDHA regarding dental hygienists in your community that may be willing to volunteer for oral health events and provide preventive services to disparate populations.

Additional information is available at the MDHA website or by contacting MDHA:

MDHA Communication Center
(406) 256-7384