Montana State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

Montana State Loan Repayment Program application cycle is closed.  The next application cycle will open October 1, 2023.

The Montana State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) is an incentive program for primary care providers working at approved NHSC and Montana SLRP practice sites in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs).  SLRP is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and matched with State and community funds.

Matching funds can also be contributed by a Provider's site, for more information regarding this option please contact the Montana PCO office.

Awarded Providers can receive up to $37,500 a year with their initial 2-year service obligation for full-time Providers; and 50% of eligible debt, up to $37,500 for part-time Providers. Providers may qualify for up to two 1-year continuations beyond their initial service obligation, contingent on the Provider's remaining eligible loan debt amount, and availability of program funds at time of the continuation application submission.

Interested Providers must be:

  • A US citizen at the time their SLRP application is submitted; AND
  • Working at a SLRP approved practice site or contracted to begin working within 60 days; AND
  • Providing primary care services in an outpatient ambulatory care setting; AND
  • Have completed all medical education and required training hours; AND
  • Hold an unrestricted license to practice in the State of Montana.


Eligible Provider Types:  

  • Physician (MD/DO) with the following specialty:
    • Internal Medicine
    • Geriatrics
    • Pediatrics
    • Psychiatry
    • Obstetrics/Gynecology
    • Family Medicine (Osteopathic General Practice)
  • Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner with the following specialty:
    • Adult
    • Psychiatry/ mental health
    • Family
    • Geriatrics
    • Pediatrics
    • Women’s health
  • Primary Care Registered Nurse
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Psychiatrist (MD/DO)
  • Psychiatric Nurse Specialist
  • Clinical or Counseling Psychologist
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Dentist (DDS/DMD)
  • Registered Dental Hygienist
  • Pharmacist


Eligible sites must be:

  • Located in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA); AND
  • Serving medical, dental, and/or mental and behavioral health patients; AND
  • See all patients regardless of their ability to pay; AND
  • A non-profit; AND
  • Be a NHSC or Montana SLRP approved site. Montana SLRP Site Application

Please review SLRP FAQs & Educational Loan FAQs  prior to application submission.

Required application documents will include:

  • Full 2022/2023 Candidate Application
  • Service Site Information Form completed by site administrator
  • Educational Debt Reporting Form and supporting debt documentation dated within 30 days of application submission
  • Personal Statement
  • Copy of current Montana Medical License
  • Copy of Montana Driver's License
  • Current CV
  • Copy of fully executed employment Contract or offer letter


Complete applications will be reviewed in order of receipt, those found to be incomplete will have an opportunity to submit additional documents to complete the application by the deadline.

2022/2023 State Loan Repayment Program Provider Application

2022/2023 State Loan Repayment Provider Continuation Application

2022/2023 Montana Loan Repayment Program Site Eligibility Application

2022/2023 Montana State Loan Repayment Program Promotional Flyer

For program questions please contact:

Montana Primary Care Office