IZ Section


PHEP-IZ Resources

Please remember that the PHEP-IZ Deliverables are due by the 15th each quarter to PHEP. These deliverables are submitted within the Progress Report for each quarter.

Below are resources to refer to for each deliverable. Please don't hesitate to call 444-9539 if you have questions.

2018-2019 Immunization-PHEP Deliverables

IZ1: Immunization Off-Site Influenza Clinics (due every quarter)

IZ2: Influenza Partners & Communication (due every quarter)

IZ3: Influenza POD Exercise Checklist (due Quarter 2)

  • Click here to download the fillable checklist.
  • Checklist Guidance: To complete IZ3: Influenza POD Exercise Checklist, use the checklist as a tool to ensure protocols and best practices of an off-site influenza clinic are being followed. The checklist may highlight any gaps in the planning stage or assist in strengthening processes already in place. This tool should serve as a best-practice guidance resource, however, in some cases an item on the checklist may not be feasible to attain or applicable to your jurisdiction. We are asking jurisdictions to simply be aware of the "stop signs", if any are marked. Once complete, the checklist will be uploaded as part of the Quarter 2 Progress Report. Jurisdictions can complete the checklist by hand and scan/upload the document into the Progress Report or fill the checklist out electronically and upload the completed version.

IAP Deliverable Resources

Please remember that your IAP deliverable attachments are due on or before the 15th of each quarter.  Please remember that we now use Formstack and all deliverables are submitted that way.  If you are still having issues, please don’t hesitate to call 444-1613 or e-mail kgrady@mt.gov.

Attachment A:            https://health.hhs.mt.gov/mcr

Attachment B:            https://phep.formstack.com/forms/iz_wic_collaborationattachment_b_copy_1

Attachment C:            https://phep.formstack.com/forms/iz_provider_collaboration_attachment_c_copy

Attachment D:            https://phep.formstack.com/forms/iz_promote_delivery_of_vaccinations_copy