Infographics are images that are used to describe complex data in a visually appealing and easy to understand way. The Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Bureau has developed a series of infographics to provide a different perspective of disease statistics in Montana. New infographics are added frequently and sorted by category. Learn more about communicable diseases by selecting a tab below. Each thumbnail image is linked to a pdf version of the infographic. Please feel free to download PDFs and share.

Food and Consumer Safety online complaints 2019 
2019 Food and Consumer Safety Online Complaints

world toilet day 
World Toilet Day 2019

food safety lessons learned
Food Lessons Learned

foodborne violations in Montana 
Foodborne Illness Risk Factor Violations in Montana

Tattoos in Montana 
Tattoo safety

public accommodations 2018 
Public Accommodations 2018

thanksgiving food safety 
Thanksgiving food safety tips 2018

Food and consumer safety recalls, 2017

FCS Consumer complaints 
Consumer complaints, 2017

sanitarian training 
Sanitarian Training, 2017

FDA retail food standards 
FDA Retail Food Program Standards

wholesale licenses 
Wholesale Licenses

body art 
Body Art: licensing required since 2007

cottage food_2016 
Cottage Food: Home Made in the 406: 2016 year end update

truck wrecks 2016
Truck and train wrecks carrying food in Montana, 2016

inspection of licensed establishments
Food and Consumer Safety (FCS) Inspections 2016

food and consumer safety recalls 2016 
Food and Consumer Safety (FCS) Recalls 2016


How to Clean-up after a Norovirus Incident, 2022


Backyard Flock safety, 2022

Chicks and Ducks 2020

Handwashing 2019
Handwashing 2019

Food Safety Education edition
Food Safety Education Month, 2019

Petting Zoo Safety 2019
Petting Zoos and Fairs, 2019

healthy swimming 2019
Healthy Swimming, 2019

Don't play chicken with your health
Chicks and Ducks, 2019

Norovirus in Montana
Norovirus in Montana, 2018

Healthy Swimming, 2018
Healthy Swimming, 2018

Beware of Fowl Play
Beware of Fowl Play, 2018

Norovirus outbreaks in Montana
Norovirus Outbreaks in Montana, 2017

Infographic of Healthy Swimming 2017
Healthy Swimming 2017

live poultry
Backyard Poultry in Montana

Handwashing 2016

Hepititis A in Montana
Hepatitis A in Montana

Animal Fairs
Know the risks, enjoy the benefits: Animal fairs

Know the risks, enjoy the benefits (pets)
Know the risks, enjoy the benefits: pets

Know the risks, enjoy the benefits (cows)
Know the risks, enjoy the benefits: cows

Salmonella and live poultry exposure in Montana 2015
Salmonella and live poultry exposure in Montana 2015

Hepatitis Awareness Month

Hepatitis Awareness Month, 2022

Hepatitis C 
Hepatitis C: Risk, Testing, Impact

2019 Participation Results 
2019 imMTrax Participation Estimates

Immunization Coverage Estimates
 2018 Toddler Immunization Coverage Estimates

Montana Adolescent Immunization 
Montana Adolescent Immunization Coverage 2018

back to school in Montana 2019 
Back to school 2019


National Infant Immunization Week 
National Infant Immunization Week 2019


Influenza vaccination coverage in Montana 2017-2018 
Influenza vaccination coverage in Montana 2017-2018


National Immunization Survey 
National Immunization Survey 2017


Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine 
Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV): not just for children


NIS Teen 2013-2017 
Montana teen immunization rates, 2013-2017


Data Loggers: protecting the cold chain 
Data Loggers: protecting  the cold chain


HPV Vaccine 2018 
5 Reasons to get HPV vaccination for your child


MT 2017-2018 School Immunization Report 
2017-2018 School Immunization Assessment Results


Rotavirus vaccine 
Rotavirus vaccination in Montana, 2018


National Infant Immunization Week 
Montana Immunization Coverage Estimates


imMTrax participation 2017 
2017 imMTrax Participation Estimates among Montana Residents

NIS 19-35 mos  
Montana Child Immunization Coverage Rates, 2009-2016


Montana Teen vaccination rates 2013-2016 
Montana Adolescent Immunization Coverage Rates, 2013-2016


non medical vaccine exemptions in Montana 
Non medical vaccine exemptions in Montana, 2016-17


Time for Kindergarten 
Time for Kindergarten! 2017


Place of Influenza Vaccination, United States: early 2015-2016 Flu Season 
Place of Influenza Vaccination, United States: early 2015-2016 Flu Season

are you ready for flu season? 
Influenza 2019-2020 season kickoff

flu shot myths busted 
Flu shot myths - busted!

influenza 2018-2019 season summary 
2018-2019 Influenza season summary

influenza season kickoff 2018 
2018-2019 Influenza season kickoff

Montana influenza season wrap up 2017-2018 
2017-2018 Influenza Season Summary

Thumbnail image of influenza vaccination coverage infographic 
Influenza Vaccination Coverage in Montana 2016-2017

flu season kickoff 2017 
Are you ready for flu season?

2016-17 influenza season wrap up 
Montana Influenza Season Summary, 2016-17

fight the flu 
Fight the flu!

cold vs flu version 1 
Is it a cold or is it flu? (poster version 1)

cold vs flu version 2 
Cold vs flu (poster version 2)



2019 Montana HAN Year in Review 
2019 Montana HAN Year in Review

 set your clocks check your stocks 
Set your clocks, Check your stocks

5 tips for emergency preparedness 
5 Tips to Help Your Family Prepare for Emergencies

CD Exercises in Montana 
CD Exercises in Montana, 2019

Healthcare coalitions in Montana 2019 
Healthcare Coalitions in Montana, 2019

Summer Institute Flyer 
Summer Institute 2019

st patricks day safety 
St. Patrick's Day safety

Disaster Shelters in Montana 
Disaster Shelters in Montana: 2018

Montana Regional Healthcare Coalitions

Emergency Preparedness Month: Pet Preparedness 
Emergency Preparedness Month: Pet Preparedness

emergency preparedness in the workplace 
Emergency Preparedness Month: Workplace Preparedness

Montana Public Health Summer Institute 2002-2018

Winter weather driving preparedness 
Winter weather driving preparedness, 2017

CHEMPACK Fact Sheet 
CHEMPACK Fact sheet

Local Emergency Planning Committees 
Local Emergency Planning Committees

MT PHEP 2017 
MT PHEP: Coordinating response to public health emergencies

disaster preparedness kit 
Disaster preparedness kit planning

Top Identified Public Health Hazards in Montana 
Top Identified Public Health Hazards in Montana

Points of Dispensing (POD) Fact Sheet 
Points of Dispensing (POD) fact sheet


World Rabies Day 2019 
World Rabies Day 2019

Rabies Exposures in Montana 
Rabies Exposures, 2018

rabies PEP 2014-2017 
Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) in Montana, 2014-2017

Rabies by the numbers, 2017 
Rabies by the numbers, 2017

rabies management in Montana 
Rabies management in Montana, 2017

Animal rabies in Montana 
Animal rabies in Montana

STD Partner Services

Syphilis 2022 Infographic

World Aids Day 2022 Infographic


STD cases in Montana, 2021

let's talk about PrEP 
Let's talk about PrEP

HIV Testing Day 2019
HIV Testing Day 2019

2018 syphilis summary 
2018 Syphilis summary

World AIDS Day 2018 
World AIDS Day 2018

2018 Syphilis mid year update 
2018 Syphilis mid year update

HIV in Montana July 2018 
HIV in Montana, July 2018 update

Syphilis in Montana, update 2018 
Syphilis cases in Montana, 2018 Update

STD in review 2017
 STD summary - 2017

World AIDS Day 2017 
World AIDS Day 2017

Are you ready for PrEP? 
Are you ready for PrEP?

HIV testing day 2017 
HIV Testing Day 2017

HIV Prevention today 
HIV Prevention Today 

Montana 2016 STD Report 
Montana 2016 STD Report

CD Summary 2019 
Notable Communicable Disease Events of 2019

2019 Highlights from the Communicable Disease Bureau 
2019 Highlights from the Communicable Disease Bureau

RSV in Montana 
RSV 2019

 Legionella over time 
Legionella over time

back to school 
Back to School 2019

Notable Montana Communicable Disease Events of 2018 
Notable Communicable Disease Events 2018

 Public Health News 2018 
Communicating Public Health News 2018


What is an Outbreak 
What is an outbreak?

Notable Montana Communicable Disease Events of 2017 
Notable Montana Communicable Events of 2017

Communicable Disease News 2017 
Communicable Disease Bureau News: 2017

Disease data 2017 
Disease Data 2017

syndromic surveillance 
Syndromic Surveillance

Outbreaks in Montana, 2013-15 
Outbreaks in Montana, 2014-16

World TB Day 
World TB Day 2019

TB FAQ annual screening 
TB FAQ: annual screening

World TB Day 2018 
World TB Day, 2018

TB Administrative controls and reporting 
Tuberculosis Administrative Controls and Reporting, 2017

World TB Day 2017 
World TB Day 2017

Measles: what you should know

Pertussis in Montana, 2018 
Pertussis in Montana, 2018

Measles: important considerations 
Measles: important considerations

Mumps: general information 
Mumps: general information

Chickenpox outbreak in Flathead County, 2015
Chickenpox outbreak in Flathead County, 2015

Tickborne Diseases, 2022

West Nile Virus in Montana, 2018 
West Nile Virus in Montana, 2018

Tickborne Diseases in Montana 
Tickborne Diseases 2019

Healthy Travel 
Travel Health

Zoonotic diseases in Montana, 2018 
Zoonotic diseases in Montana, 2018

Hantavirus in Montana 
Hantavirus in Montana, 2018

Ticks and tickborne diseases in Montana information 
Ticks and tickborne diseases in Montana, 2011-2017

ZIka in Montana, 2017 
Zika in Montana, 2017 Summary

west nile virus 2002-2016 
West Nile Virus in Montana 2002-2016

Zika Virus, 2016-2017 
Zika Virus Testing, 2016-2017

Brucellosis Safe Hunting Infographic


Hantavirus vs COVID-19, 2022

What is Hand Hygiene?, 2022

Acute Flaccid Melitis Diagnosis and Classification, 2022

Prevent Legionnaires' disease, 2022

Global Handwashing Day 2019

Public Health Nursing 
Nurses' Week 2019

what is a contact 
What is a contact?

 Montana Regional Healthcare Coalitions saving  
Montana Regional Healthcare Coalitions saving lives!

summer institute 2018 
Montana Public Health Summer Institute 2002-2018

Customer Satisfaction Survey: Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Bureau 2017 
Customer Satisfaction Survey: Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Bureau 2017