Office of Epidemiology and Scientific Support

Contact the OESS

1400 Broadway, Room A113
PO Box 202951
Helena, MT 59620-2951


State Epidemiologist

Laura Williamson, MPH
(406) 444-0064

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

Program Coordinator/Epidemiologist

Hallie Koeppen, MPH
(406) 444-2973

Hospital Discharge Data System


Isaiah Reed, MA, MSc
(406) 444-6947

Vital Statistics Analysis Unit

Lead Vital Records Epidemiologist

Todd M. Koch, MPH
(406) 444-1756

Vital Records Epidemiologist

Matthew Ringel, MPH
(406) 444-1746

Montana Environmental Health Education and Assessment Program


Dawn Nelson
(406) 417-9848

Hazardous Waste Site Assessor

Connie Garrett

Environmental Health Program Specialist

Scarlett Fuller, MEHS
(406) 444-3284