Montana Hospital Discharge
Data System

The Hospital Discharge Data System provides access to inpatient hospitalization data provided by the Montana Hospital Association, based on the Uniform Billing 2004 form UB-04. The Montana Hospital Discharge Data System provides support to employees of Montana DPHHS, and summary statistics and analysis to the general public.

Find data related to hospital admissions, emergency department visits, and many other public health data sources on our interactive web query page, Montana Community Health Insights.

Data Release Policy

Raw data access is only available to epidemiologists and analysts who work in the Public Health and Safety Division (PHSD), Early Childhood and Family Services Division (ECFSD), the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Division (BHDD), and local and tribal public health departments in Montana. These analysts may request access through this process.

All interested persons may request summary analysis by completing the Data Analysis/Pull Request form. You will need a State of Montana Okta account to access the form, please set up a citizen account here.

Data released to external parties, or for publication purposes, must comply with DPHHS Guidelines for the Release of Public Health Data Derived from Personal Health Information. Hospital confidentiality is protected in all data releases; DPHHS cannot release hospital specific data (or data that pertains to a specific hospital) without permission from that hospital.

For further information, please contact our Hospital Systems Epidemiologist,

Surveillance Reports