Staff Listing

Fejes, Dana - HIV/STD/ Viral Hepatitis Section Supervisor
444-6842 - fax

Provides leadership and supervision to Section staff and to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and Hepatitis C (HCV)  Programs assigned to the Section; DPHHS Co-Chair for the HIV Prevention Planning Group (HPG); coordinates and provides HIV counseling and testing courses; provides training and technical assistance regarding HIV, STD and HCV for public and private health care professionals; Program Manager for STD, HIV, HCV programs; responsible for assuring compliance with laws and regulations; responsible for policy development and implementation; collaborates with public and private health care partners.

Murolo, Cara - STD Program Manager and Surveillance Coordinator
444-6842 – fax

Provides quality assurance measures and management of STD case records and the STD database; creates and distributes monthly reports, STD line listings and quarterly quality assurance reports to local health departments and STD clinics; conducts STD data analysis; provides contract referrals to public and private providers in and outside of Montana; provides data reports specific to requests.

Baker, Peggy – STD/HIV CTR Data Entry Specialist and Quality Assurance Coordinator
444-6842 - fax

Manages and inputs case records from in-state and out-of-state and local labs and health departments; scans forms into database, reviews data for quality and completeness; prepares quarterly and other reconciliation reports for local health departments.

Robert Elkins - HIV Treatment Coordinator
449-2059 - fax

Responsible for administration and oversight of HIV Treatment (Ryan White) grants; responsible for overall program evaluation and quality assurance/improvement measures; manages Health Insurance Continuation Program; provides technical assistance to the HPG in the preparation of the State Comprehensive HIV Prevention and Treatment Plan.

Jim Aspevig - HIV Prevention and Partner Services Coordinator
444-6842 - fax  

HIV Prevention and Partner Services contracts manager; coordinates HIV partner services activities; monitors HIV prevention contracts; plans and facilitates meetings for HIV Prevention contractors; assists with oversight of HIV Prevention grant; evaluation web Implementation Coordinator/data manager.

Gryczan, Linda – HIV Community Planning Group (HPG) Coordinator
444-6842 - fax

Responsible for overall HIV Prevention Planning Group (HPG) activities including: meeting agendas, workgroup conference calls, membership consultation, and meeting logistics; provides leadership to the HPG membership; chairs the HIV Review Panel to determine age- and audience-appropriateness for media, brochures, curriculum, etc., provided by HIV contractors receiving federal funds for HIV Prevention.

Shannon Koenig - Program Evaluator 
444-6842 - fax

Program Evaluator for HIV and STD treatment and prevention programs. Responsible for evaluation programmatic outcomes, identifies areas of improvement and leads quality improvement projects. Clinical Quality Management lead to ensure HIV clients are receiving great quality care in Montana.

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