Staff Listing

Fejes, Dana - HIV/STD/ Viral Hepatitis Section Supervisor
444-6842 - fax

Provides leadership and supervision to Section staff and to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and Hepatitis C (HCV)  Programs assigned to the Section; DPHHS Co-Chair for the HIV Prevention Planning Group (HPG); coordinates and provides HIV counseling and testing courses; provides training and technical assistance regarding HIV, STD and HCV for public and private health care professionals; Program Manager for STD, HIV, HCV programs; responsible for assuring compliance with laws and regulations; responsible for policy development and implementation; collaborates with public and private health care partners.

Johnston, Lynne - Administrative Assistant
444-6842 - fax

Provides support services to HIV/STD/Hep C section, to STD clinics, HIV contractors and the Prevention Planning Group, processes fiscal payments and generates fiscal reports; distributes supplies to local health agencies; answers general program inquiries and questions; handles clerical details of projects and events.

Murolo, Cara - STD Program Manager and Surveillance Coordinator
444-6842 – fax

Provides quality assurance measures and management of STD case records and the STD database; creates and distributes monthly reports, STD line listings and quarterly quality assurance reports to local health departments and STD clinics; conducts STD data analysis; provides contract referrals to public and private providers in and outside of Montana; provides data reports specific to requests.

Baker, Peggy – STD/HIV CTR Data Entry Specialist and Quality Assurance Coordinator
444-6842 - fax

Manages and inputs case records from in-state and out-of-state and local labs and health departments; scans forms into database, reviews data for quality and completeness; prepares quarterly and other reconciliation reports for local health departments.

Robert Elkins - HIV Treatment Coordinator
449-2059 - fax

Responsible for administration and oversight of HIV Treatment (Ryan White) grants; responsible for overall program evaluation and quality assurance/improvement measures; manages Health Insurance Continuation Program; provides technical assistance to the HPG in the preparation of the State Comprehensive HIV Prevention and Treatment Plan.

Jim Aspevig - HIV Prevention and Partner Services Coordinator
444-6842 - fax

HIV Prevention and Partner Services contracts manager; coordinates HIV partner services activities; monitors HIV prevention contracts; plans and facilitates meetings for HIV Prevention contractors; assists with oversight of HIV Prevention grant; evaluation web Implementation Coordinator/data manager.

Gryczan, Linda – HIV Community Planning Group (HPG) Coordinator
444-6842 - fax

Responsible for overall HIV Prevention Planning Group (HPG) activities including: meeting agendas, workgroup conference calls, membership consultation, and meeting logistics; provides leadership to the HPG membership; chairs the HIV Review Panel to determine age- and audience-appropriateness for media, brochures, curriculum, etc., provided by HIV contractors receiving federal funds for HIV Prevention.

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