Developmental Delay

Developmental delay refers to a child who is not achieving milestones within the age range of that normal variability. Most often, at least initially, it is difficult or impossible to determine whether the delay is a marker of a long-term issue with development or learning (i.e. known as a disability) or whether the child will ‘catch-up’ and be ‘typical’ in their development and learning. ’There are five main groups of skills that make up the developmental milestones. A child may have a developmental delay in one or more of these areas:

  • Gross motor: using large groups of muscles to sit, stand, walk, run, etc., keeping balance and changing positions.
  • Fine motor: using hands and fingers to be able to eat, draw, dress, play, write and do many other things.
  • Language: speaking, using body language and gestures, communicating and understanding what others say.
  • Cognitive: Thinking skills including learning, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning and remembering.
  • Social: Interacting with others, having relationships with family, friends, and teachers, cooperating and responding to the feelings of others.



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