Vision Impairment 

DPHHS recommends that students be evaluated by registered professional nurses or other appropriately qualified health professionals on a periodic basis in order to identify those health problems which have the potential for interfering with learning, including vision impairment. Individual school districts have policies as to which screenings will be conducted in their schools on a yearly basis.

Montana Resources

Montana Disability and Health Program- This website has gathered a long list of state and national resources for Montanans living with blindness or visual impairment. 

Montana School for the Deaf and Blind- Residential and day school which provides educational opportunities to students, preschool through high school, at its Great Falls campus. MSDB is also a statewide resource center which provides information and technical support through its Outreach Program to students attending school in their local districts.

Montana Talking Book LibraryEligible Montana residents who are unable to use standard print materials due to visual, physical and/or reading disabilities can apply to the Montana Talking Book Library to receive free mail loan of recorded books and playback equipment.

National Resources 

Inclusive Physical Activity for People with Vision Loss

Inclusive Fitness Coalition- The Inclusive Fitness Coalition is an expanded group of organizations and individuals representing a cross-section of the disability rights, sports, health/fitness and civil rights communities. The mission of the IFC is to facilitate coordination of organizations and individuals to address the complexity of personal, social, cultural, political, and economic factors that influence – positively or negatively – the participation of people with disabilities in physical activity, fitness, sports, and recreation. 

Educational Interventions

Science for Students with Visual Impairments- National Science Teachers Association

What Teachers Should Know & What Teachers Can Do- KidsHealth

Insurance Assistance/Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Vision Benefits- The ACA requires specific benefits beginning 1/1/14, including  one eye exam and pair of glasses each year. In addition, plans must cover vision screening for children with no co-pay. This fact sheet answers questions related to vision and screening.

Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy- Information provided by Optometrists Network

Other General Resources and Professional Organizations

Center for Parent Information and Resources- This site contains information on the types and signs of visual impairments. It also reviews how IDEA defines visual impairment and includes tips for teachers and parents on how to work with the medical community and schools to create supportive learning environments for students with low vision or blindness. 

Childhood Vision: What the Research Tells Us- The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools
This site contains an overview of common eye problems in children and how vision screenings and exams differ. It also has information on what schools, parents, and communities can do to support children with childhood vision problems. 

Hadley School for the Blind- The largest worldwide distance educator of blind and visually impaired people, their families and blindness service professionals. Hadley offers classes free of charge to its blind and visually impaired students and their families and affordable tuition classes to blindness professionals.

MyVision.orgis an website managed by a group of expert ophthalmologists and optometrists providing trusted information on eye health and vision.

The Link Between Mental Health and Your Vision-  Children with visual impairments are much more likely to suffer mental health problems (especially anxiety and depression) than children who do not have these difficulties. Learn more about the link between mental health and vision here. 

How Stress Affects Your VisionResearchers have found that mental stress can lead to symptoms of vision loss and vice versa. Learn more about street and its impact on vision here. 

National Eye Institute (NIH)-This site reviews the components of a comprehensive eye exam, common vision problems, eye diseases and conditions, tips for keeping your eyes healthy, Includes online NEI Publications Catalog and Eye Health Organizations Database. Resources include a Healthy Eyes Toolkit, Healthy Vision Month Resources, Guidelines for Children's Vision Health, Financial Assistance Information,Common Eye Myths, Fact Sheets.