Safe School Environment

This page is dedicated to providing resources and training on preserving a safe learning environment in Montana schools. The information contained on this page was developed by a group of partners focused on keeping the school environment safe and inclusive for all students and staff.

General Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Preparedness
As part of the DPHHS Communicable Disease Control & Prevention Bureau, Montana's Public Health Emergency Preparedness works to help local and tribal health jurisdictions prepare for and respond to health emergencies, coordinate local surveillance and response systems, and keep Montana citizens informed of any public health related emergencies.

Individual and Family Emergency Preparedness
This site was created by the Public Health and Safety Division at DPHHS to provide emergency preparedness strategies and resources for families and individuals.

School Crisis Guide- National Education Association

Safe and Sound at School- School Safety Info
This site was funded through a grant from the National Institute of Justice. It provides resources and proactive strategies for law enforcement, school administrators and teachers for ensuring that school environments remain safe and secure. is a clearinghouse of federal, state and local information to assist public safety officials to prepare, respond and recover.

Natural Disasters

  • Fires/Earthquakes/Tornados/Winter Storms/etc...

Behavioral Health

  • Bullying, Suicide, YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey)

First Aid

  • CPR/First Aid/Concussions/Trauma

Environmental Health

  • Lab Safety/Playground Safety/Classroom Safety/Air Quality

Disclaimer: The information and resources on this page are educational. If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please call 911 or your designated safety officer.