How Can a School Nurse Help Your Child with Seizures?  

Parents of a student with seizures send their child off each day with many questions and worries: What if he has a seizure and falls off the monkey bars? Will someone know how to care for her when she is having a seizure?

With the assistance of a professional school nurse, these questions and others can be answered, allowing you and your child to feel confident about his or her academic day.

The school nurse, staff, parents and the health care practitioner work together to identify a student’s health care needs.  Tools to address these needs may be staff training; an Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP), developed by the registered professional school nurse; a 504 Plan and emergency measures to be taken in the event of a seizure.

Information to consider sharing with staff could include:

  • What type of seizure your child has
  • A description of  your child’s  seizure activity
  • How often seizures occur and how long they typically last
  • Any identified triggers for his/her seizures
  • Medication your child takes for seizures
  • If medication is used in the event of a seizure
  • Any necessary accommodations while in class or on the playground
  • Emergency contact information
  • What information you would like shared with his/her classmates

Depending on the individual student’s needs the school nurse may also:

  • Train appropriate staff to respond in the event of a seizure.  This will include first-aid for seizures
  • Work with the health care practitioner to ensure needed medication is in the school and train the staff to administer the medication in the event s/he is not in the building                                                                                                        
  • Be someone you can talk to if you have concerns about your child’s care or how his/her seizures will affect his education
  • Ensure your child has the same opportunities as his/her classmates to learn and play in a safe environment.                                                                  

If your child has seizures, call the school nurse where your child is enrolled and ask to meet to discuss his health and educational needs.  With a plan and training, school staff will be able to provide your child with a valuable, safe educational experience.

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Last Updated: 11/25/2022