Employer Payment Information

-Child support payments must be sent to the CSSD within seven (7) business days from the date the employee is paid.

-An employer may withhold a $5.00 administrative fee per month per withholding order from the employee to help offset the cost of withholding. This fee would be deducted from the employee's disposable income, not the child support payment.

-CSSD income withholding orders cap the maximum withholding amount to no more than 50% of the employee’s disposable income. This only applies if the employee does not make enough to satisfy the ordered amount.

Electronic Payment

This system allows employers to make payments by electronic debit from a checking or savings account, or with a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card.

WARNING: When making payments with the Online Payment System, only hit the submit button once. If the submit button is clicked multiple times, your payment will be deducted more than once from your bank account or credit card. These payments cannot be stopped by the CSSD. Please contact the help desk right away if this happens. Online Payment System  Help Desk: (406) 449-3468

This option allows employers to instruct their financial institution to automatically transmit child support payments, along with child support income withholding data, using the ACH network. 

Payment by Check/Money Order

  • Checks or money orders can be sent to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) in Helena, MT.  

Mail Payments to: Montana CSSD ATTN: TAPP, PO Box 8001 Helena, MT 59604-8001 

If an employer has more than one employee with a child support obligation, the payments may be combined into a single check. When paying by check, regardless of the number of employees, it is essential to include the following information for each employee:

  • Employee's name
  • Child Support case number or participant ID number
  • Pay Date
  • The amount withheld for each employee

*Please use the Payment Backup Form when submitting payments by mail.*

For more information check out the Employer FAQ page or contact the CSSD.