Other Relay Services


In addition to Traditional Relay Service (TTY) and Captioned Telephone Service (CapTel®), Montana Relay offers a wide variety of free calling solutions and support services to fit the diverse needs of you and your loved ones. For many Relay calling options, you can make a Relay call just by dialing 7-1-1 .

Calling Options

Similar to CapTel, Voice Carry-Over (VCO) allows users to speak for themselves and read the other person's responses using a VCO phone or TTY (text telephone).
Ideal for those who have difficulty speaking, Hearing Carry-Over, or HCO, allows users to hear for themselves, and type their responses using an HCO phone or TTY. 
Speech-to-Speech (STS) is designed for people with mild to moderate speech difficulties who can hear what is being said over the phone. Using a standard telephone, the STS user dials Montana Relay's toll-free, designated STS number, 1-877-253-4613, and a specially trained Communications Assistant (CA) listens to the words. The CA then revoices the STS user's words, verbatim, to the other person. When the other person speaks, the STS user listens directly to what is being said.
For Spanish-speaking Relay users, Montana Relay offers both Spanish-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English service. Dial Montana Relay's specially designated Spanish Relay number, 1-866-225-1866 (Voice/TTY), to connect with a Spanish-speaking CA.
With IP Relay, Relay users simply need a computer, smartphone, or other Internet-connected device to place and receive text-based Relay calls. A TTY is not required. Please note that IP Relay is not provided by Montana Relay. To see a list of current providers, visit the FCC’s provider directory

Video Relay Service, or VRS, enables anyone who uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate over the phone with the aid of a video-linked interpreter via webcam, smartphone, or tablet. The interpreter voices the VRS user’s sign language for the standard telephone user, and then translates the standard telephone user’s responses back to the VRS user in sign language. Please note that VRS is not an official service of Montana Relay. Connect with a VRS provider to get started: 

This is not intended to be a conclusive list of VRS providers. Visit the FCC’s provider directory to explore your options. If you are a VRS provider interested in being listed here, please contact us.

Sorenson for Zoom is a feature for Deaf callers who have a phone number registered with Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS).  Deaf callers can access an interpreter through Zoom if the Zoom Meeting Room has a paid license.  It will not work on a free/basic Zoom license.  This feature can be downloaded from Zoom Marketplace or through a web app link.  Once the interpreters are in the Meeting Room, they can see the Deaf caller and everyone else plus the shared screen.  More details can be found on Sorenson.

Remote Conference Captioning (RCC) offers real-time captioning through the use of Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) service, allowing individuals who have difficulty hearing during conference calls to read text of what all participants are saying. This allows users to participate in conference calls in a more effective manner. A transcript of the call can be requested in raw or finished form. You must be a resident of Montana to use this service. RCC services are intended for conference calls with three (3) or more individuals.  At least one individual participating in the call must have an accessibility need for captioning services. Requests for RCC services should be made a few days in advance using the online Scheduling Request Form.

*Please note: if you need to cancel RCC services for any reason, cancellation notices must be submitted:

  • One (1) full business day in advance for meetings scheduled to last one (1) to three (3) hours.
  • Five (5) full business days in advance for meetings scheduled to last four (4) or more hours, or meetings scheduled as multi-session RCC events.
  • Ten (10) full business days in advance for Spanish RCC events.

To cancel your request, please reply to the email you received with your Remote Conference Captioning link, or email to mtrelayrcc@hamiltonrelay.com. The Montana Telecommunications Access Program still has a financial responsibility for meetings not cancelled in advance.  Failure to cancel could potentially result in suspension of RCC privileges for participant

Real-time text (RTT) allows text to be sent immediately as it is created through wireless phones on networks that support RTT. There is no need to press a “send” key as there is for traditional text messaging and chat services. A recipient can read a message while the sender types it. This eliminates the need to take turns as required by services like TTY, and creates a virtually instantaneous exchange of information, similar to the experience of having a voice conversation. To learn more, visit the FCC’s online consumer guide to RTT.
Text-to-911 is the ability to send a text message to reach 9-1-1 emergency call takers from your mobile phone or device. However, because voice calls to 9-1-1 provide more information to 9-1-1 call centers, you should always make a voice call to 9-1-1 during an emergency whenever possible.Text-to-911 is only currently available in certain locations. Download our fact sheet to learn more.

Video Remote Interpreting, or VRI, is a service that allows people in the same location to communicate via an interpreter in a remote location using webcam, smartphone, video phone, or tablets. This can be American Sign Language or spoken language. The interpreter voices for the sign language or spoken language user to the other party and responds back in their language of choice. The FCC does not currently have regulations for VRI and a fee may apply for VRI services. Please note that VRI is not an official service of MTAP. Connect with a *VRI provider to get started:

* If you are a VRI provider interested in being listed here, please contact us.

NOTE: This is not intended to be a conclusive list of VRI providers, nor does not it represent a recommendation or endorsement by MTAP. Furthermore, this list does not reflect any assessment of quality or value of a listed service. Information from the National Association of the Deaf concerning VRI Services

Mobile phone apps allow the user to view captions on their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Most apps can be downloaded free-of-charge to people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and register an account. A list of some of them include the following

In addition, the Google Pixel 2 and newer models offer built-in captioning through their Live Caption app.

NOTE: This is not intended to be a conclusive list mobile apps, nor does it represent a recommendation or endorsement by MTAP. If you’re a mobile app provider interested in being listed here, please contact us.

Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications app is a free speech recognition and sound detection app that makes conversations more accessible for people who are deaf and hard of hearing by providing real-time transcription, using an Android phone. This app can be downloaded and comes built-in on the Google Pixel.

Customer Support Services

Montana Relay users can create a customer profile for faster, more seamless Relay calls. A customer profile notifies the Communications Assistant (CA) of your calling preferences at the start of every call, such as your preferred Relay call type, your preferred CA gender, your frequently dialed numbers, and more. Create your Montana Relay customer profile now.
TTY users can have their answering machine and voicemail messages retrieved through Montana Relay.
Upon request, Montana Relay will access directory assistance for local and nationwide telephone numbers. The Relay CA can then place the call for the Relay user.

*Video Relay Service (VRS), Internet Protocol (IP) Relay, and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) are not services of Montana Relay, but are available to Montana Relay users through third-party providers. To see a list of current providers, visit the FCC’s provider directory

CapTel is a registered trademark of Ultratec, Inc.