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Montana Part C & FES Rate Studies, August 3, 2023

HB 328 Montana Milestones Part C Annual Performance Report FFY 2021: Language and Literacy Development in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants and Toddlers.

HB 328 Montana Milestones Part C Annual Performance Report

Differentiated Monitoring and Support Report

Family Support Services Advisory Council Meeting

FFY 2022 Annual Application for funds under IDEA Part C Early Intervention Virtual Public Meeting will be held April 8, 2022 at 10:00 A.M. as part of the FSSAC Meeting. 

Please contact  at Sandy Cade or 406 444 5647 for meeting access information. 

Montana Applications


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SSIP Evaluation Improvement Strategies FFY 2022

Montana SSIP 2022 Theory of Action

Montana Statewide Systemic Improvement Plan FFY 2020

SSIP Evaluation of Current Improvement Strategies FFY 2021

SSIP Evaluation of Improvement Strategies FFY 2020

Montana SSIP 2021 Theory of Action 

Montana SSIP 2020 Theory of Action

Montana SSIP 2020 Logic Model

Montana Summary of SSIP Phase III 2019

SSIP Phase III 2018

Phase I - 2015

Montana Milestones SSIP Overview - Phase I

Montana Milestones SSIP Components 1-4

Montana Milestones SSIP Theory of Action

Phase II - 2016

Montana Milestones SSIP Overview - Phase II

Montana Milestones Evaluation of Improvement Strategies

Montana Milestones Part C Logic Models

  • Statewide Logic Model
  • DEAP Logic Model

Phase III - 2017

Montana Milestones Phase III Implementation Report

Phase III Improvement Strategies: FFY 2017 New and Revised Activities/Outputs: