406 Rocks

The Montana Children’s Trust Fund urges parents, school programs, and community groups to paint rocks to strengthen families in your community. Plant your rocks around your community for others to find. These rocks spread hope and joy - which we all desire for children and families in the 406.

When: Anytime!

 406 Rocks

What: Paint #406ROCKS and discuss what makes families and communities strong

Why: Strengthen families in the 406 by bringing our community together through art, creativity and awareness

How: Gather rocks to paint, think of what makes you happy, and start painting. Don’t forget to paint #406ROCKS on the back of your rocks. AND take a photo to share on social media so people know your #406ROCKS are about to be planted. 

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Questions? Contact Mackenzie Forbis at Mackenzie.Forbis@mt.gov or (406) 444-3002.

sample rocks