J-1 Physician Visa Program Information

The focus of Montana’s J-1 Visa Waiver Program is to improve access to care through recommending J-1 Physicians who agree to serve in medically underserved areas of the State for the waiver of the “two-year home country physical presence requirement” (the “J-1 visa waiver”).  The State’s participation in the Conrad State-30 program enables the Montana Department of Health and Human Services (MT DPHHS) to act on behalf of the State and recommend waivers for eligible J-1 Physicians. MT DPHHS may act as an interested state agency to recommend up to thirty J-1 visa waivers per year. 

To further the mission of improving access to primary health care, preference for J-1 visa waiver recommendations is given to physicians trained in the specialties of Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics/Gynecology.  Psychiatrists who fill a documented community health care need may also, with appropriate documentation, be considered for J-1 visa waivers. Further preference is given to applicants currently completing a residency program in the State of Montana. 

The J-1 Physicians who wish to receive waiver recommendation must meet both the federal eligibility criteria and MT DPHHS qualifications for J-1 visa waivers. 

Download 2022/2023 J-1 Visa Waiver Manual and application materials.

Download 2022/2023 NIW Application

Prioritizing applications for waiver recommendations is at the discretion of MT DPHHS.

2022/2023 Application Cycle Stats
2022/2023 Application Cycle
October 1, 2022 -
September 30, 2023
Primary Care 0 0 0
Specialists 0 0 5
Recommended to date 5
National Interest Waiver Letters of Support Provided 0 0 2

For more information, please email MontanaPCO@mt.gov