Travel Vaccine Information

This page contains immunization information for travel outside the United States for travelers and healthcare providers.

Immunization considerations when traveling outside the United States.

Travel vaccines may be recommended for your travel destination. Vaccines are an effective way to protect you and those traveling with you against certain diseases.
Learn which travel vaccines are recommended for travel to specific destinations.

Review your vaccination history. The Montana Immunization Information System, imMTrax, is a computer based system that stores one, complete immunization record for Montanans. imMTrax combines records from multiple immunization providers to form one shot record. Your immunization history stays in one location, even if you move or change healthcare providers. Learn more about finding your immunization record.

Consider contacting your healthcare provider or local county health department about your travel plans. A pre-travel appointment may be recommended for your travel destination.  

Keep your patients protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Recommend vaccines for your patient depending on their travel destination.
Learn which vaccines are required for specific destinations.

Check your patient's vaccine history. Patient's vaccine history can looked up using imMTrax, Montana's Immunization Information System. imMTrax brings together multiple immunization records from Montana healthcare providers (public and private) and parental "shot cards" to form one complete, electronically preserved record. Learn more about imMTrax.

Stay up-to-date on travel notices.
Learn about travel health notices.

Travel Vaccine Resources: