COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Resources

As part of the nation-wide COVID-19 Vaccination Program, the Montana Immunization Program is enrolling potential COVID-19 vaccine providers. For information on how to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider email or call 406-444-5580.

In order to enroll, providers must have:

  • A current medical license with prescriptive authority for vaccines.
  • Storage units and temperature monitoring that meet CDC requirements.

To complete the COVID-19 vaccine provider required training, the primary vaccine coordinator at your facility must download, read, and share with relevant staff:

COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Instructions (EUI) Resources


Training Attestation:

Use the link below to attest to completion of the training (required for documentation):


COVID-19 Inventory Resources:

Please use this form to report any wasted or expired COVID-19 vaccine in your inventory:

Please use this online form to report temperature excursions and storage and handling incidents involving your COVID-19 vaccine:


Expiration Date Check Tools:

CDC Resources:

COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Instructions (EUI) Resources:

Main CDC webpage for clinical resources for COVID-19 vaccination:

 COVID-19 Vaccine Quick Reference Guides with Poster Versions:


Medical Management of Anaphylaxis:

Webinar Information, Summaries, & Slide Sets

V-safe Facility Resources:

Other Resources:

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Training Materials

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Training Modules

Vaccine Shipping Containers - Please Return

 McKesson (Moderna distributor) wants their vaccine shipping containers returned for reuse. 

COVID-19 Marketing Materials