COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Resources

As part of the nation-wide COVID-19 Vaccination Program, the Montana Immunization Program is enrolling potential COVID-19 vaccine providers. For information on how to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider email or call 406-444-5580.

In order to enroll, providers must have:

  • A current medical license with prescriptive authority for vaccines.
  • Storage units and temperature monitoring that meet CDC requirements.

To complete the COVID-19 vaccine provider required training, the primary vaccine coordinator at your facility must click the links below, download and read each document, and share the information with relevant staff.

Pfizer Vaccine Required Training Documents:

Moderna Vaccine Required Training Documents:

Janssen Vaccine Required Training Documents:

Training Attestation:

Use the link below to attest to completion of the training (required for documentation):


COVID-19 Inventory Resources:

Please use this form to report any wasted or expired COVID-19 vaccine in your inventory:

Please use this online form to report temperature excursions and storage and handling incidents involving your COVID-19 vaccine:

CDC Resources:

Main CDC webpage for clinical resources for COVID-19 vaccination.

 COVID-19 Vaccine Quick Reference Guides with Poster Versions:

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Resources:


Pfizer EUA Fact Sheets



 Standing Orders


Emergency Use Instructions (EUI) Resources

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Resources:


 Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Resources:

Medical Management of Anaphylaxis:

Webinar Information, Summaries, & Slide Sets

V-safe Facility Resources:

Other Resources:

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Training Materials

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Training Modules

Vaccine Shipping Containers - Please Return

Pfizer and McKesson (Moderna distributor) want their vaccine shipping containers returned for reuse. 

COVID-19 Marketing Materials