Regional Workshop Presentations

The in-person 2020 Immunization Program Regional Workshops were canceled because of COVID-19.  We have put together the following options to keep you up to date with vaccine information and to assure the nursing contact hours you rely on from the workshop are available.  There are two options for viewing the presentations to earn the nursing contact hours.  For each session, 1.25 contact hours are available.

1. Live Presentation- There will be six live presentations.  For nursing contact hours, following the live presentation an evaluation will be e-mailed to those in attendance and once a week certificates will be e-mails to those that complete the evaluation.

2. Recorded Presentation- The live presentations will be recorded and will be offered on the MNA website free of charge for nursing contact hours.  The presentations will be posted two weeks after the live session.  Webinars are available to watch on demand, using a browser other than Internet Explorer, at until 12/31/2020.  The evaluation and certificates are built into the MNA environment.  If you need technical issues with the MNA website, please contact 406-442-6710 or e-mail

Below is a list of the dates, topic, presenter and webinar link for all sessions. 
All live presentations  will be offered on Wednesdays from 12-1pm.

Date Topic Presenter Log in information
05/27/2020 Vaccine Safety in the U.S. Sophia Newcomer, PhD, MPH

06/24/2020 Vaccines for Children: Inquiring Minds Want to Know Lori Hutchinson, BS, MS, MS

07/08/2020 Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers: 
Strategies and Activities
Carolyn Parry, MPH, BA
07/22/2020 Immunization Schedules: Recommendations & Interpretations Susan Reeser, BSN, RN
08/05/2020 Fireside Chat on the Vaccine Counterculture2020 

Stacey Anderson, MPH
08/12/2020 State of imMTrax and School and
Childcare Requirements
Michelle Funchess, MS
Bekki Wehner, BS