Epidemiology and Scientific Support Bureau 


The Epidemiology and Scientific Support Bureau (ESSB) maintains and distributes public health data from the following systems:

  • Montana Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS),
  • Montana Hospital Data Discharge System, and
  • Montana Vital Statistics Analysis Unit.

These data systems contain information on a wide variety of health issues and thus support Public Health programs in Montana. ESSB's main purpose is to provide the most accurate and timely data possible to the Public Health and Safety Division Programs, the Department of Public Health and Human Services, local health agencies, policy makers, and community groups. In doing so, ESSB strives to protect both the reliability of data being used to support public health functions and policies in Montana and the personal health information that is contained in such data.

The comprehensive list of public health data sources available in Montana can be found in the Montana Public Health Data Resource Guide

Accessing Public Health Data

Interactive Dashboards

Community Health Insights in the 406

The Community Health Insights in the 406 is a dashboard displaying public health data available at by county and health planning region. This dashboard was first launched in September 2022 and will continue to grow. Check back regularly for updates and sign up for the A Healthier Montana newsletter to stay informed as new features become available.

The Montana Community Health Data Resource Guide

All Montanans deserve equal opportunity to make choices that lead to good health for them and their families. To ensure such opportunity, public health leaders and partners need an understanding of the health of our homes, schools, and communities. The environments in which we live, learn, work, and play affect everyone's health and wellbeing. This factsheet presents dashboards maintained by various local, state, tribal, and national organizations that provide community-level data organized by the Social Determinants of Health categories established by Healthy People 2030.

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