HIV Testing

The only way to know whether you have HIV is by having an HIV test. A test sample is taken to look for HIV antibodies, which are produced when a person is infected with HIV.

What tests do I need? Answer a few questions and this site will help you decide:

Types of Tests:

OraQuick Rapid - A 20-minute test using a fingerstick drop of blood or an oral swab. It is 99 percent accurate. Results are typically available in 20 minutes.

Traditional Blood Draw - A blood specimen is sent to a laboratory and results are usually available in seven to ten days.

Ways to be Tested:

Anonymous - A client may want to get an HIV test without giving a name. Results can only be given in person and the client is the only person who will know the results.

Confidential - A client can get an HIV test confidentially; the client's name will be recorded on their medical forms.

HIV Testing Sites in Montana