The Montana Asthma home visiting Program (MAP)

The Montana Asthma home visiting Program (MAP) provides free asthma education for people of all ages with uncontrolled asthma. Examples of topics covered in the curriculum are what asthma is, how to control your asthma, and how to avoid asthma triggers. The curriculum was developed based on medical guidelines and research from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The program includes 6 contacts with a trained healthcare provider over the course of one year. In addition to asthma education, participants also receive a home environmental assessment to identify possible asthma triggers, and incentives like free allergen-proof mattress/pillow covers and a HEPA air purifier. Learn more about the program below or click the self-referral icon in the right menu of this page to request more information from a MAP home visitor or enroll in the program.  

The MAP is now available in all 56 counties!! The expansion of the MAP includes virtual home visiting services for individuals living outside of the direct service area of the 9 current MAP sites. Scroll down to see where MAP sites are located and who is eligible to participate.

This chart shows health outcomes before and after participating in the program.

Where are MAP sites located?

MAP services are provided by the following county health departments and health centers:

These 9 sites provide in-home visits in 24 counties, while virtual home visiting options are available in all 56 counties. 

Click the map to learn about programs in your area to address many chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, and pre-diabetes.

This is a map that shows the locations of all 11 home visiting sites, listed above in text.

Who is eligible for the program?

Any individual with a current asthma diagnosis living in Montana. Individuals must have: 

  1. an emergency department visit, hospitalization, or unscheduled medical office visit for asthma
  2. an Asthma Control Test score of less than 20 in the last year.

*Montanans with asthma who do not meet these requirements are still eligible for MAP with a direct referral from their healthcare provider. Click the referral icon located in the right menu of this page to submit a self-referral or a provider referral through the secure referral portal. The information you provide will go to a MAP home visitor who will contact you with 7 days.