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#19 -  Stacey Johnston-Gleason: Stories From a Special Olympics World Athlete

"When I started Special Olympics, I started my life," says guest Stacey Johnston-Gleason. Join Stacey as she continues her story about healthy living as a cancer survivor, a person with disability, and a World Class Special Olympian.

Podcast #19 Script

Quick Links:
- Montana Special Olympics
- ALPS (Athlete Leadership Programs)
- Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger
- Montana Disability Advisor
- Montana Cancer Coalition
- Montana Disability and Health Program
- Special Olympics

#18 -  Stacey Johnston-Gleason: Navigating Cancer and Health Care with a Disability

Our guest Stacey Johnston-Gleason shares the importance of having a health care provider who listens and asks the right questions, especially as a person with disability. Asking the right questions led Stacey to finding colorectal cancer early and receiving prompt care. She also shares how she was adopted later in life and her love of Special Olympics.

Podcast #18 Script

Quick Links:
Adoption in Montana
- Colorectal Cancer
- Montana Special Olympics
- Montana Disability and Health Program

#17 - Yvette Yarger: Learning to Love Life in a Larger Body (cont.)

Join us as guest Yvette Yarger continues her story, discussing her treatment for an eating disorder as someone in a larger body and how it differs from those treated for anorexia or bulimia. She shares how finding Eagle Mount, swimming and moving her body, literally saved her and finally brought joy being in her own body.  

Podcast #17 Script

Quick Links:
Eating disorders
- Bright appThe Bright App is a statewide, mobile-friendly web application that houses information on Montana’s mental health counselors and other mental health service providers. The Bright App allows anyone to locate mental health providers based on specialty and location. This app brought to you by WIM Tracking, LLC (a Montana based company).
- Gastric bypass
- Eagle Mount
- Easting Disorders Anonymous
- HAES - The Health at Every Size Principle
- The Body is Not An Apology - Sonya Renee Taylor
- Wise Mind Nutrition - Dr. David Wiss
- Breath Life Health Center, Los Angeles, CA

#16 - Yvette Yarger: Learning to Love Life in a Larger Body

At a very early age, guest Yvette Yarger remembers feeling uncomfortable in her own body and feeling as if she physically didn't fit in with the small ranching community in eastern Montana where she grew up. She shares how an eating disorder impacted her physical and mental health, and how she eventually found health, wellbeing, and happiness in her own body. 

Podcast #16 Script

Quick Links: 
- Depression
- Eating disorders
- Gastric bypass
- Obesity
- Eagle Mount
- Mayo Clinic
- Montana Behavioral Health and Developemental Disabilities (BHDD)
- Eating Disorder Center of Montana (only licensed center in Montana)

#15 - Celebrating One Year

It has been one year since we've been promoting the Talking Health in the 406 podcast. We are doing things a little different for this episode; bringing you highlights from each guest. Whether you have listened to all of the episodes, or just a few, we hope this inspires you to listen again and share with friends and family. Enjoy.

If you have a topic you would like to hear about, or a story to share with us, contact us at

Podcast #15 Script

Quick Links:
- Talking Health in the 406
- Montana Diabetes Program
- Montana Blind and Love Vision Services
- EMS, Trauma, and Injury Prevention in Montana
- Montana Cardiovascular Health Program
- Montana Asthma Control Program

#14 - Rachel Anderson: Every Breath is a Gift (cont.)

"When people think Asthma, they don't always think it's a very big deal. I don't think people necessarily think of it as life threatening." Guest Rachel Anderson continues her story on how asthma has touched her family and changed it forever. 

Podcast #14 Script

Quick Links:
- Asthma triggers
- Asthma educators
- Air quality
- Nebulizer
- Inhalers
- LifeCenter Northwest
- HEPA air purifiers
- Montana Asthma Home Visiting Program
- Montana Asthma Advisory Group
- Certified Asthma Educator

#13 - Rachel Anderson: Every Breath is a Gift

"Looking back, at the time, with the knowledge that we had we were doing the best we could," says guest Rachel Anderson. Join us as Rachel shares how a family history of asthma surfaces and touches her family. She also talks about the fears, challenges, and expenses of managing this chronic condition, which is often considered insignificant and can have major consequences.

Podcast #13 Script

Quick Links:
Exercise induced asthma
- Rescue and Maintenance inhalers
- Asthma attacks
- Anemia
- Asthma triggers
- Nebulizer treatments
- Intubation
- Medically induced coma

#12 - Cheryl Tillemans: Journey Back to Health

When you raise a family, work full-time, and have an active lifestyle, there isn't always time for exercise. You might find yourself gaining weight and having health issues pop up. A lifestyle change program may be the right answer, be sure to give yourself time to try it out and commit to the idea. Join our guest Cheryl Tillemans as she shares her story of pushing through limitations, putting a little bit of love into herself and her amazing results!


Podcast #12 Script

Quick Links:
- Montana Diabetes Prevention Program
- Logan Health
- The Summit
- Reactive Hypoglycemia
- Know Your Numbers
- Journey To Wellness Program
- Whitefish Trail System

#11 - Kelly Little: The Heart of Recovery

This isn't a joke, this wasn't a dream. Imagine being in the hospital, experiencing chest pains with no diagnosis, and just waiting. Listen in as Kelly learns the cause of her chest pain, what happens next, and her road to recovery.


Podcast #11 Script

Quick Links:
Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD)
Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD)
Mayo Clinic
Cardiac Rehabilitation available in Montana
American Heart Association
      Heart Disease in Women
      Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

#10 - Kelly Little: The Heart of the Unexpected

Imagine being young, fit, healthy, and waking up one night with chest pains, life goes in a whole new direction. Join us as we celebrate American Heart Month with our guest Kelly Little as she shares her cardiovascular journey.


Podcast #10 Script

Quick Links:
Blood Pressure
- Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
- Montana Cardiovascular Health Program
- SCAD: Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection
- Women and Heart Disease


#09 - Francine Janik: EMS, Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Did you know volunteering at your local EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and completing EMS training can help your career? Join our last episode with guest Francine Janik as she discusses the benefits and levels of EMS training, and what EMS looks like in Montana today.


Podcast #09 Script

Episode quick links:
Learn more about EMS
Montana Emergency Care Provider Licensing
- Simulation in Motion in Montana

#08 - Francine Janik: EMS Recipient to Provider

From a law enforcement officer to receiving a gunshot wound in a shootout to giving lifesaving care as an EMS provider. Francine continues her story, including how important AEDs and hands-only CPR have become in today's society.


Podcast #08 Script

Episode quick links:
MESI: Missoula Emergency Services
- AEDs: Automatic External Defibrillators
- Community AED
-AED Testimonial Videos:
     -- Trooper Armstrong
     -- Seth
     -- CARES
- Town Pump Grant Program
- Helmsley Foundation
- Hands-Only CPR
- Montana EMS Annual Report

#07 - Francine Janik: The Country EMT - Early Beginnings of EMS in Montana

No longer just a ride to the hospital. Ambulance services in Montana have come a long way, from using the local undertaker to an emergency department on wheels. Learn more about Montana Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and how their role of care is changing in your community.


Podcast #07 Script

Episode quick links:
1966 White Paper
Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
- Community Integrated Health Progam
- EMS, Trauma, and Injury Prevention in Montana
- EMS Agency and Hospital Services in Montana - interactive map

#06 - Jacob Krissovich: Fife the Guide Dog

Our final episode with guest Jacob Krissovich discusses life with a guide dog. Jacob's dog, Fife, was key to living a more secure and independent life.  Fife has been a life-saver, literally, for Jacob, due to his skill-set and specialized training. Listen in as Jacob tells how he was matched with Fife and how they navigate day-to-day life.


Podcast #06 Script

Episode quick links:
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Montana Association for the Blind
- Montana Blind and Low Vision Services

#05 - Jacob Krissovich: Losing Sight (cont.)

Guest Jacob Krissovich continues his story of transitioning to life without sight. In this episode he shares personal experiences on navigating grocery stores, crossing the street, preparing meals, and resources.

Podcast #05 Script

Episode quick links:
- Montana Association for the Blind
- Montana Blind and Low Vision Services
- National Federation of the Blind
- Public Transportation/Para-transit
- Vocational Rehabilitation
-Apps mentioned:
     - Seeing AI
     - InstaCart
     -GPS for Blind and Visually Impaired: Good Maps Explorer, Soundscape

#04 - Jacob Krissovich: Losing Sight

Starting a new story, Jacob Krissovich discusses his childhood as he lost vision in one and eventually both eyes.

Podcast #04 Script

Episode quick links:
- Montana Association for the Blind:
- Montana Blind and Low vision Services:  BLVS (
- National Federation of the Blind:

#03 -  Melissa House: Double Organ Transplant

Concluding her story, Melissa shares how diabetes and chronic kidney disease led to a double organ transplant.

Podcast #03 Script

Episode quick links:
- National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Disease: transplant information

#02- Melissa House: Teenage Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease

Continuing her story, Melissa House discusses life as a teenager with Type 1 diabetes and the onset of chronic kidney disease.

Podcast #02 Script

Episode quick links:
- National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease

#01 - Melissa House: Childhood Diabetes

Butte, Montana native, Melissa House, takes us through her journey of a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis in childhood, and how she lived well with diabetes.

Podcast #01 Script

Episode quick links:
- Montana Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Programs: map and telehealth locations
American Diabetes Association
CDC Diabetes